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Repulse Bay, Hong Kong Is A Must See

Of all of Hong Kong, the Repulse Bay is probably the most enchanting location. This spectacular bay is located towards the southern side of the Island of Hong Kong and is a popular tourist attraction.


The history of the bay goes as far back as the 19th century when the then British army went to battle with attacking pirates. As the British army managed to repulse these pirates, the bay was thereafter called the Repulse Bay.


The current Bay shows no signs of battle or blood shed. Rather it is a high-end residential area and the beach and ocean in the area is popular for the aquatic activities it boasts. The lovely golden sandy beach in the area stretches for miles with the cerulean blue waters of the ocean contrasting and complimenting it.


Most visitors head down to the Repulse Bay to enjoy the Nature’s own luxury; the water temperature ranges from 16 degrees Celsius and 26 degrees Celsius affording the ideal conditions for swimming. Visitors are also assured of safety with shark prevention nets, floaters as well as lifeguards during the summer months.


The Bay is not just a haven for water lovers. The beach area also affords facilities such as barbeque racks and huts so that visitors can enjoy the lovely beach atmosphere the Repulse Bay boasts. Cafes and supermarkets dot the area and the vicinity affords some interesting sights for those visitors willing to explore. The lighthouse located close to the beach and the Zhenhai Tower Park, a traditional Chinese park, are some of the favourites, when it comes to attractions.


Visitors to Hong Kong, looking to explore the spectacular Repulse Bay or any other attraction the island boasts, are assured of modern facilities and amenities when it comes to accommodation. Hotels In Hong Kong ranging from luxury to budget are easily found on the World Wide Web. Most hotels can be reserved online and for easy access to the city centre try the Eaton Hotel Hong Kong. Located close to the city’s best tourist attractions, this hotel also affords easy access to Hong Kong bars, cafes, restaurants and shopping centres.

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September 22nd, 2011 at 11:28 am

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