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Hilton Head Oceanfront Hotel

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hilton head oceanfront hotel
Good cheap oceanfront hotel at Hilton Head Island,sc?

ok so heres the deal:
we(me,my mom,and my dad) always go to Hilton Head Island for summer break but for once i get to take my best friend.well we have to get a seprete room because my dad snores and i dont want to put her through that lol.so it has to be cheap as well(yes im aware Hilton Head Is not cheap)and it also has to be oceanfront(NOT just NEAR a beach).
does anyone know any suggestions?
ive tried:

Use www.kayak.com
use www.quikbook.com
use www.sidestep.com

If you are ready after research you can use priceline. But you won’t be able to assure beachfront if you use priceline.

Hilton Head Vacation Resort-Ocean Palms Villa at the Westin Hilton Head Oceanfront Resort and Spa

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