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Don’t Miss The Hilton Head Island Lighthouse Museum On Your Next Vacation At Exotic Hilton Head Island

You can’t miss the Hilton Head Island Lighthouse!  With it’s red and white barber-pole décor it stands out like a –- well like a giant barber pole extending 90 feet into the air.

Visitors who undertake the hike to the curio shop at the top testify that it is every bit of 90 feet too.  114 steps to be exact.  “Walking up all those stairs is very tiring,” as one visitor put it, “If you have bad knees, I wouldn’t recommend it. The view [of the Atlantic], however, is awesome!”

It is the most elevated shopping experience on the Island, according to the locals.  The view of the Atlantic Ocean from the top of the lighthouse is breathtaking.  There is also a museum with displays at about 10 landings as you climb.

Many of the gifts for sale have been crafted specifically for the lighthouse.  It’s hard to believe there are over 2,000 items occupying such a small space.  Merchandise is crammed into every nook and cranny.  Surprisingly, prices are not at all unreasonable for the area.

The experience is advertised as “Shop At The Top.”  It is in fact the only lighthouse in the United States that rewards its visitors with a gift shop at the end of their climb.

There’s a landing every 10 steps where you’ll find another facet of the museum on display.  Step and study, step and study – with this graduated approach you’re at the top in no time at all.  The displays are rotated on a seasonal basis so there’s always something new for your return visits.

It’s the only lighthouse constructed in the United States since the late 1800s.  Its beacon is visible from 15 miles at sea, so it’s not just a facsimile.  Since 1970 when it was built, the Hilton Head Island Lighthouse has stood as a sentinel at the south end of the Island.  It is the visual centerpiece of the Sea Pines district and the unofficial symbol of Hilton Head Island.

You’ll get the inside story on the creation of the Hilton Head Island lighthouse and learn the ancient history of Hilton Head from artifacts dating back 3000 to 5000 b.c.  There’s also a big emphasis on how the Island was found and developed by William Hilton In 1663 and on how the Civil War impacted life on Hilton Head.

On your next vacation to the Island, be sure to include a visit to the Hilton Head Island lighthouse!  It’s one of the most exciting Hilton Head Island attractions for the whole family.

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To learn more about the creation of the Hilton Head Island lighthouse and how it has become the unofficial logo of the #1 vacation destination in the continental United States follow the links below.

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