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Best Hilton Head Hotels

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best hilton head hotels
Tips on visiting Hilton Head, SC?

We will be in Hilton Head, SC for four days. Young married couple, not super outdoorsey but energetic. Suggestions on where to park, eat, shop, best beaches, things to avoid, please. We already have a hotel.

Thank you!

We’re goin there too. all restauraunts are expensive, lots of crime in the southern part, 5th for robbery, 2nd for murder, and 3rd for rape. so don’t go there.

Hilton Head Resort: Cocos On the Beach

Best Hotels In Hilton Head

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best hotels in hilton head
What is the best map program for routing deliveries?

My job requires me to route truck from all over the Savannah, GA area and as far north as Charleston, SC. We are constantly gaining more customer and its gets hard to keep going to the Internet or writing down locations on a paper map. I need something like Hilton Head 360 uses on their site. Something where i can just plug in a new restaurant, hotel, or golf course and be done with it. Or somewhere i can find a huge jpeg of that kind of region so i can do what i need with adobe photoshop. any help is greatly appreciated.

google map is a great way to find locations etc…

you can do just what I believe you are asking…
search by name.. business.. etc….

and google map is way more accurate than mapquest…. which kept getting me lost.. as it isn’t up to date….

Don’t you wonder how we all got by on a daily basis without.. GOOGLE?

Holiday Inn Hilton Head Island-Oceanfront – Hilton Head, South Carolina

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